We have had a blast producing over 80 episodes of ScubaNation. In 2020 we look forward to airing our 1`00th episode. These are but just a couple so you can get a taste of Jacques Cousteau on Rock n Roll. We are working with on demand providers to bring you all of our episodes so stay tuned!

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Some of our Full Episodes

The Unspoiled Queen


We are traveling to SABA int he Dutch Caribbean and exploring all that the Unspoiled Queen has to offer. In a land where you give thanks for the landing, the boys give thanks for an incredible time both below and above the water. The scenery, local flavor and, oh yea the diving, is on tap so get ready to explore 5 square miles of Diver heaven.

Island Time


The boys and their families are heading to Grand Bahama to go diving with UNEXSO! UNEXSO offers a variety of spectacular dives that includes Sharks, Dolphins and wrecks. We'll also explore the Grand Lucayan Resort to complete your dive vacation while in Grand Bahama. So come share family memories that will last a lifetime, next on ScubaNation!

Enjoy some of the trailers from past seasons.

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The boys are in Jupiter Florida to dive with the goliath grouper congregation.

Mermaids and divers race underwater.

Manatee Diving with guest star Becky Kagan Schott.

Diving the Blue Heron Bridge

The Alligator Lighthouse in Islamorada Florida.

Treasure diving with Pat Croche and Mel Fisher Treasures.

Saving the Coral in Key Largo Florida

Sinking a new wreck in Ft. Myers Florida.

Underwater music in the Florida Keys

Diving with sharks with Captain Slate.

Exploring the wreck trek in the Florida Keys

Underwater cemetery in Miami.


Diving with Lemon Sharks in Jupiter Florida

More treasure diving in Key West Florida.

Shore diving in Lauderdale by the Sea

Diving the new wreck in Key West.

Diving the 305

Planting corals in the Florida Keys

Diving in the Florida Keys

See what it is like to dive for a living.

Catchin' those yummy bugs

More from the Florida Keys Wreck Trek

Looking at the lionfish invasion

Visiting the Scuba diving museum int he Florida Keys


Diving with Lemon Sharks in Jupiter Florida

Diving in Lauderdale by the Sea

Diving in Deep Water Cay

Running and diving down to Key West

Exploring the Reefs in the Florida Keys

Diving and dining in Miami

Diving with dolphins in Grand Bahama

Diving in Saba

Diving your way in the Florida Keys

diving for emeralds with Mel Fisher Treasures

Diving in Curacao

Diving the 7 Mile bridge in the Florida Keys


The search for Emma in Grand Bahama

Hunting lobster in Lauderdale by the Sea

Heading to North Florida cave diving

Getting scuba certified in the Florida Keys

Hiding rum in Ft. Myers Florida

Treasure diving with Mel Fisher Treasures

Diving with Sharks in Jupiter Florida

Shark study at the University of Miami

The truth about sharks

Hunting lobster with Dixie Diviers

Diving with a purpose

Diving the 7 Mile bridge in the Florida Keys